Hi, I am an attorney who is a husband, new father and partner in a mid-sized law firm on the East Coast.

I have always been interested in personal finance and investing, and after years of enjoying the personal finance blogs of others, decided to launch Financial Verdict to:

  • Give back and share the lessons I have learned and to be a resource to others;
  • To document my own path to financial independence;
  • To discuss general topics of personal finance related to investing, savings, debt, real estate and side hustles;
  • To be a resource for attorneys to discuss law firm life and personal finance, including the economics of the profession; and
  • To serve as a personal finance resource for my newborn daughter, who will one day will strive for her own financial independence.

Physicians are fortunate to have a host of great personal finance blogs that tackle the issues of personal finance generally and as it relates to their profession.  Far less blogs exist to help do the same thing for attorneys.

My hope is that Financial Verdict can help fill the gap and cover topics that will have valuable insights to those in the legal profession, while discussing the topics of personal finance on a broader range that can apply to everyone.

Thanks for checking out Financial Verdict.  Please feel free to look around and comment!